Home Cyber Protection Coverage And Services Overview

Cyber Insurance For Home Owners

Home Cyber Protection is a comprehensive insurance coverage that protects today’s individuals and families from a
range of personal cyber risks that stem from losses such as compromised data on personal computers, mobile devices
and other connected home technology as well as from damage to software and operating systems.  Individuals and families face many of the same risks corporations face including malware attacks and online fraud
of valuable information. Hackers are no longer focused only on large corporate targets and will search for more vulnerable targets such as home owners. Families today are more connected than ever before with computers, phones,
entertainment systems, household appliances and the “smart” home with programmable lights, doors and thermostats.  Yet with all these connections that make life easier, today’s individuals and families are now exposed to a range of personal cyber risks.  Connected devices that are found in a typical home, collect and exchange data over the internet leaving families vulnerable, and often times unaware, of a potential security breach.

Combined Personal Cyber Insurance Protection

Home Cyber Protection offers a suite of coverage and services for computer attacks, cyber extortion, and online fraud that happens with smart phones, computers and other connected home devices.

Home Cyber Protection goes beyond any personal cyber
insurance currently available by combining coverage for:

• Computer attack
• Home systems attack
• Cyber extortion
• Online fraud

Coverage Highlights, Terms And Conditions
This coverage includes:

• Computer attack to remove malware and reprogram
computers and tablets, Wi-Fi routers or other Internet
access points
• Home systems attack restores devices connected to the
internet, including smart phones, thermostats, smart
appliances and security and monitoring systems
• Cyber extortion provides professional assistance on how to
respond to a ransomware attack and makes payment of
ransom when approved
• Online fraud for losses due to identity theft, phishing
schemes, illegal bank and credit card transfers, forgery,
counterfeit currency and other deceptions